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App Features

Easy login & registration

Users don’t have to fill in a lot of data to start using the app. Such an easy entry point makes a mobile online store much more accessible

Great user experience

There is no scarcity of amazing apps in the market that is why no user will think twice before leaving the app if it doesn’t satisfy them.

Social media integration

Social media is the strongest and biggest tool in the tech world. Having social media integrated into your app will help users with login, registration and sharing details of products.

Rating and feedback

One of the most common features of m-commerce app is having a feedback option. Sometimes it is mistaken that having feedback or reporting option is only beneficial for the users

Wishlist button

Nowadays a wishlist button is another one of must-have app features. So try not to ignore it as it will be of great use for the users.

Filters and search options

Thanks to this feature, users can quickly find the products they’re interested in, without having to browse your entire offer



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